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The Tick #4: A Big Fight

The Tick #6: Villains, Inc.

First published: November 1989

Writer: Ben Edlund; Inker: Dave Garcia; Letterer: Bob Polio; Editor: George Suarez; Proofreader: Larry Boyd; Penciller: Ben Edlund; Producer: Bob Polio

This comic was printed in The Tick: The Naked City and The Tick Omnibus #1 and it was printed as Chroma-Tick #6.

The Tick #6: Villains, Inc.

This is one of the best Tick comics ever. Tick and Arthur explore the boundries of their new relationship (Arthur, you're know, funny, are you?) and decide they need some manly beers.

Meanwhile, another hero, The Running Guy, is contracting with Villains, Inc. for the services of a villain to fight (apparently there aren't enough villains to go around in The City). The Red Scare is dispatched out to destroy (and eventually take a dive to The Running Guy)

On their way home from their manly beer run, Tick detects the presence of evil. Not realizing what was going on, he has an epic battle with The Red Scare much to The Running Guy's dismay.

This issue features these Superheroes:
The Tick, Arthur, The Running Guy

This issues features these Villains:
The Red Scare (In Ontario he was The Whirling Scottish Devil)


A classic Tick scene that appeared in comic, cartoon, and live series

Thank you god!

Tick shows his thanks for the Supervillain he is about to battle

Evil is afoot!

Evil is afoot!


The Tick:
It's great! It looks just like an apartment! Where's the secret headquarters trigger?
Arthur, I don't want to offend you, but…you're not…I mean you're not…you know…FUNNY…are you?
Evil is afoot!
Danger walks the streets, and The City calls upon its steadfast protectors.
Villain! Cease and desist! I say to you: Stop your evil ways!
I am the Tick!
I am the agent of your downfall!!
O.K. Red Scare! I, The Tick, will kick your commie Babooshka all the way back to Moscow!!
You can't hit me! I'm cat-like!
On your knees, vodka zombie!
Gee, that's not a very heroic thing to say. Have you been hit in the head with a personality-altering ray?

The Red Scare:
Lenin was keen!
Marx had the right idea!
I must break you. Yeah!
Stalin was OK by me!
What better place to begin my reign of Communist terror and oppression than a memorial to that decadent and imperialist American, Melville Dewey, hated originator of the Dewey Decimal System!! I, The Red Scare, will ruin this place for everyone!!
Please no more! You have beaten me! I lie belittled by your immense power and chilling presence!
You have defeated me! Your bony little fists have shown me a whole new world of pain! You've struck fear deep in the core of my pitiful being!

The Running Guy:
I run faster than ten fast men!
I've got to run.
Get off my supervillain!

Morton Spivey:
Hey Red! Come over here and shake hands with your new archenemy!
Let's get you some dinner. What do you want, Steroid Crunchies or Steroid Crunchies with Marshmallows?
OK, Red. Start getting into character. You're big. You're mean. You're Godless. You oppress to live and live to oppress!

Really, that's very philosophical, Tick. A foot? I've always envisioned evil as a dark brooding shape with squinty eyes…

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