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The Tick Issues 7-12

The Tick Issue #7

Issue 7: The Moon Menace (or Spoon!)

This issue introduces various villains including Chairface Chippendale, who tries to write his name on the moon. The Chairface Chippendale cartoon episode is somewhat faithful to the comic (though Arthur and American Maid don't play a role in the comic). Seeing The Tick try to be low key and spy on people is funny; seeing The Tick dressed as a waiter serving cocktails to villains is hilarous, and seeing The Tick battle The Man Eating Cow is enough to make you lose consciousness. A Classic!

The Tick Issue #8

Issue 8: A Matter of Cosmic Import...and other stories...

This issue mainly deals with Arthur and his feeling toward being a sidekick. Arthur reveals that the main reason he hangs out with The Tick is to stave off boredom. In the end The Tick convinces Arthur to move to New York to fight serious crime and to get away from his friends in The City who are holding him back. There are also some good scenes with Dot and Arthur at dinner where Tick keeps getting shot in the head by a sniper across the street. The snipers decide that Tick's costume must be armored and then shoot him in the teeth, giving The Tick a lisp for a few panels and making him mad.

Issue Eight is also perhaps the source of some of the best one liners in entire series. Arthur's professor friend spews a 9 line insult about how idiotic The Tick is and then says "No offense intended" to which Tick replies "None Comprehended" with a big grin. Awesome! Later the triggermen are eaten by the Man Eating Cow just as they are preparing to fire a weapon of mass destruction at Tick; who grins and spouts "All Right! Bovine Intervention!!!"

This is one of my favorites.


The Tick Issue #9

Issue 9: Roadtrip!

This issue is entirely comprised of adventures Tick and Arthur have trying to find their way to New York City. The best adventure, of course, is encountering The Chainsaw Vigilante! The Chainsaw Vigilante is a villain who goes around finding weak and stupid superheroes and attacking them to "shock them back into reality" Of course, The Chainsaw Vigilante attacks Tick and Arthur and can't hurt the Tick, which really messes him up mentally.

All in all, though, not one of the best issues (unless you like Arthur complaining about directions)

The Tick Issue #10

Issue 10: Some Obstacles and a Partial Resolution

Issue ten continues The Tick and Arthur's quest for New York City. The first half is much like issue 9, with a lot of complaining from Arthur, but then the duo run into a society of people in a small town who have been mentally enhanced by a great black monolith (sort of a combination of 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Tommyknockers)

While the townsfolk try to experiment on Tick, Arthur touches the monolith and becomes enlightened. Of course, Tick ends up breaking the monolith in the end (accidentally) and inadvertantly saving Arthur and the rest of the world from certain peril.

The Tick Issue #11

Issue 11: Two Strange Warm Men and the City of their Dreams

Issue Eleven is the basis for the popular cartoon The Tick vs. The Tick. Tick and Arthur make it to New York where another superhero, Agrippa, Roman God of the Aquaduct, shows them to the local superhero hangout. Unfortunately (?) there is another superhero who uses the name Tick already and a great battle ensues. Tick eventually defeats The Tick (Barry) and earns the right to keep his name. This is one of the only issues/episodes where the cartoon might be better than the comic; I find it hard not to laugh every time I see or hear the Evil Midnight Bomber who is only in the cartoon.

Listen in on some Evil Midnight Bomber dialogue:

The Tick Issue 12

Issue 12: One Man's Treasure is also Another Man's Treasure

Issue twelve doesn't have too much action. It centers on The Tick inheriting all of Barry's stuff including his secret cave and vehicles. Of course, Tick proceeds to break most of it driving Barry crazy. The main purpose of this issue seems to be to introduce new characters, including a female in a suit like Arthur's (Carmalita?), the Terror, Multiple Santa, The Fuzzy Person, Mr. Tragedy, and Tuun-La (Not of this World!). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get more comics yet, so this is it for now.


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