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The Tick vs. The Tick
Episode Seven, Season One

Original air date: 10/22/1994
The Tick vs. The Tick

The first and possibly only five-star rating for an episode of the Tick. This episode has it all! Listen to Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin bicker like children in the back seat of Dot's car; watch The Tick battle The Tick (Barry) while The Evil Midnight Bomber plants explosives around the Comet Club; watch Die Fledermaus hit on all the female superheroes and strike out repeatedly; or listen to Big Shot pass on anti-violence wisdom from his therapy sessions...hee hee!

The heroes (The Tick, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, and Sewer Urchin) borrow Dot's car to drive to the Comet Club, a superhero only bar. Once there, Arthur is promptly thrown into the sidekick lounge while The Tick is assaulted by the The Tick (Barry); the club owner's brother-in-law.

Die Fliedermaus Sewer Urchin

Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin in the back seat of Dot's car (with Arthur driving)

The Sidekick's Lounge

Arthur gets some 'kicking advice in the Sidekick's Lounge

Be sure to pay attention to the dialogue of the Evil Midnight Bomber. He seems to have at least two personalities, and they're both insane and violent. He's my favorite supervillain (by far) and I've posted some of his audio clips on the villains page.

There isn't anything in this episode that I didn't like.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, Door Man, Big Shot, Mighty Agrippa, Jet Valkyrie, Fishboy, and American Maid

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Tick (Barry)
, The Evil Midnight Bomber


The Tick:
The boots of evil were made for walkin'
We are a justice sandwich!
Oh, the cameraderie!
Hey Big Shot! My favorite emotionally unbalanced gun toting vigilante!
I am that jerk!
Don't count your weasels before they pop, dink!
I can't lose my name…it's on all my stationary!
Well, all this and a villain too!

Biker Barry

Barry riding to the club

Tick Bomb!

Tick's been bombed!

Big Shot:
Let's put violence in the happy box!

Die Fledermaus:
You're stinking on purpose, aren't you!

American Maid:
You've got arrested development written all over you, Die Fledermaus.

Sewer Urchin:
Don't hurt him! He's definitely our ride home!

*The Evil Midnight Bomber (What Bombs at Midnight):

I'm making gravy without the lumps!
An object at rest…cannot be stopped!

Click Here for a complete list of Evil Midnight Bomber quotes from The Tick vs. The Tick.

*Practically everything ever said by the Evil Midnight Bomber can be found on the cartoon sounds page.*

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