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The Tick vs. El Seed
Episode Six, Season One

Original air date: 10/15/1994
The Tick vs. El Seed

This episode is one of the better ones from season one. It introduces a new supervillain, El Seed, and several new superheroes - The Civic Minded Five.

El Seed is a plant who attended night school to learn about agriculture. With his henchpeople, the The Bee Twins, he creates a plant vitilizer that allows plants to move around. El Seed uses the vitilizer to create an army of plants to try to overthrow "the works of the animal kingdom", but of course he has to defeat The Tick to do it...

Jungle Janet The Carpeted Man Four Legged Man Captain Mucilage Feral Boy

The Civic Minded Five

Tick grows a flower.

The Tick grows a flower

Tick gets hit with a concentrated dose of the vitilizer during a fight on El Seed's cropduster. For the rest of the episode, plants keep springing out of the Tick's forehead and armpits.

Eventually, El Seed is defeated, but some of his trees manage to escape in a truck and are last seen heading to Las Vegas...

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Four Legged Man, Feral Boy, Captian Mucilage, Jungle Janet, The Carpeted Man

This episode features these Supervillains:
El Seed
, The Bee Twins

The Tick El Seed

The Tick meets El Seed

Tick Pilot

Tick pilots the cropduster. Doesn't he look cool in goggles?


The Tick:
Okay, Cactci! What are ya' up to? What's goin' on? Give me the skinny!
That's a violation of your airspace!
Gimme that stick, petal head!
I feel funky…monkey funky!
I hate broccoli…and yet, in a certain sense, I AM broccoli.
Villains always have antidotes…they're funny that way.
Listen, I don't have time for any of this villain banter!
Ooh, plane ride!
You know, when a tomato grows out of your forehead, it gets you thinking. What do we know about anything? Life is just a big, wild, crazy, tossed salad. But you don't eat it, no sir, you live it! Isn't it great?

El Seed:
I hate the humans! They really get my goat! I'm not so fond of goats, either…
One part vitilizar to a million-zillion parts water; the recipe for revolution!
They eat us! They wear us! They put us in pots! They squeeze us for juice! It's grotesque!
Off my plane, blue monkey!
A few uppity trees in the park is no revolution! I wanted a moment!
No one could survive that much corn!
Soldiers of corn…lend me your ears!
I am on a big power trip, and you are coming with me!
When I was taking night courses at agricultural college, a fine school, I learned three things…One; never stand behind a cow. Two; people and plants can never learn in harmony. Three; if you really want something, you take it, and I want the world!

The Doctor:
I've never seen anything like it…this calls for expensive testing!

Die Fledermaus:
I didn't even want to be involved; I got jumped by a hedge! Where are the cops in this town!

Jeff, did you rent a cropduster to a guy with a flower for a head?

The Bee Twins:
Hey, what kind of corn soldiers are you?
(Arthur) We're Kernals!
(Tick) There you go!

Four-Legged Man:
Alright, sir, you had your fun, we're putting you under citizen's arrest!

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