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Tick vs. Education
Episode Thirty-six, Season Three

Original air date: 11/30/1996
Tick vs. Education

*sniff* This is it; the last episode. This was the last Tick cartoon made. It's a pretty funny episode, but not one of the best, but just knowing there aren't any more is pretty depressing.

The main theme of this episode is that The Tick and Arthur are chosen to teach Superhero school, and in the course of their instruction they happen upon Uncle Creamy, a villain who is really just trying to save the children from the evil Mr. Fliener, a corporate businessman.

The funniest things in this episode are the antics of Mr. Exciting (one of the students) and the one-liners of Sarcastro (another student). Unfortunately, Uncle Creamy wasn't too interesting as a villain (and even less so as a hero). The worst thing is that Sarcastro didn't even pass the class...but at least we have a Speak sighting!

Arthur the Super Villain

Arthur wears the Super Villain suit (for training)

Why is he licking Speak?

Mr. Exciting; you're playing with fire!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Speak, Mr. Exciting, Gesundheit, Sarcastro, The Flying Squirrel and Baby Boomerangatuang

This episode features these Supervillains:
Uncle Creamy, The New and Improved Uncle Creamy


The Tick:
Evil…if you're going to be a superhero, there's your problem in a nutshell. Evil, gathering like lint in the navel of the body public. Evil! Making vile and hasty and dark works like termites pushing their wretched larva through the veins of that mighty oak tree we call…Clean Living! And it's up to you, superheroes of the future to hand the tire swing of nice-nice from the highest branches and swing for justice!
OK, here are the ABC's of being a superhero. A is for Action. B and C are for Battlecry.
We don't aim our secret superpower weapons at other superheroes!
Ice criminal! No one attacks an ice cream truck on the Tick's beat!
Ice cream headache!
There you go! One of the sidekicks most important jobs is to keep the superhero in touch with reality.
I myself don't know much.

Uncle Creamy:
Uncle Creamy…Destroyer of Worlds!
I am your sweet, frozen doom!

Uncle Creamy is the ice cream cone who knows too much.

The New and Improved Uncle Creamy (Ivan Brubek):
Hello children. We are having fun at this time. My carefree antics are winning your hearts.

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