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Tick vs. Science
Episode Thirty-four, Season Three

Original air date: 11/9/1996
Tick vs. Science

This is probably one of the most creative Tick episodes. The heroes are invited to the Mad Science Fair to test out a mind transference device invented by Dr. Vahtoss. Unfortunately, the device is stolen by Professor Cromedome and hilarity ensues.

Initially, The Tick switches minds with Arthur. It's hilarious to see Arthur leaping through walls in Tick's body and it's just as funny seeing The Tick trying to fly and fight in Arthur's body.

Eventually, practically every character changes minds with someone else and Chairface Chippendale ends up in the Tick's body, but the world is saved by Maneuver 14Z even though Tick was a zebra and Arthur was Tongue Tongue.


Arthur (finally) kisses Carmalita, but who's in the body?

Dr. Mung Mung

Dr. Mung Mung; Mad Scientist

This is the best of the episodes that include Carmalita, and without her and the 'kiss the girl' stuff I'd give it a 4 1/2.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Dr. Vahtoss and Carmalita

This episode features these Supervillains:
Professor Cromedome, Chairface Chippendale, Dean and Boils

Evildoers, you face The Tick!

Tongue Tongue

Tongue Tongue


The Tick:
Come on, man! Make the four-lipped butterfly!
Egad, man! What's the point!
I'm an Arthurnaut!
Man, how dumb are you…trying to be all villainy right under the nose of the mighty Tick!
Boy, you're a fragile little thing, aren't you, Arthur?
Put that thing away, wiggy tongue man!
He's probably out joyriding in my sleek chassis!

Professor Cromedome:
Do bad things, to good people…with science!
Bah! Warm fuzzy nice nice! What good is science if no one gets hurt?

Dr. Vahtoss:
Lab rat for your thoughts?

Dr. Mung Mung:
Secrets…the mother's milk of an evil genius.
He weeps for he has but one small tongue with which to taste the whole world.

I can taste the floor! I can taste everything!

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