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Tick vs. Europe
Episode Thirty-three, Season Three

Original air date: 11/2/1996
Tick vs. Europe

Another classic! This episode features some of the best villainy in the series catered in by The Breadmaster. The basic premise is that The Tick has been chosen to participate in a superhero exchange program and he is sent to Antwerp in Belgium. To fill in for him while he's gone, the Belgian superhero Éclair is sent to The City.

Éclair is French for lightning, and she can fly and shoot lightning out of her eyes. She and Arthur make a great team. Tick is matched up with Éclair's sidekick, Blitzen (German for lightning). Blitzen drives him around on her motorcycle and takes him dancing in the clubs.

The European villainy isn't too great; it features a regal kidnapping plot featuring the King of Belgium and several supervillains (Octo Paganini, The Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy, and The Fortissimo Brothers), but the American villainy features The Breadmaster and his evil, wicked henchcookies, The Gingerbreadmen!

The Superhero Exchange Program

The Superhero Exchange Program


Beware the wrath of the Gingerbreadmen!

The Gingerbreadmen are very crafty; they use guerilla tactics to attack the heroes of the City. The nights were the worst; they tied up Speak and used him to attack Arthur. Die Fledermaus couldn't sleep for weeks. Unfortunately, due to their lack of artificial preservatives, they eventually go stale and stop fighting.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Blitzen, Éclair, and Speak.

This episode features these Supervillains:
Octo Paganini
, The Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy, The Fortissimo Brothers, The Breadmaster,
Buttery Pat, and The Gingerbreadmen

Bonjour!  Je Sui The Tick!

Tourist Tick

Dancin' Tick!

Tick shows off his moves!


The Tick:
Come on boy, dig my love!
Special Delivery! Oh, Arthur! The thrill of modern postism!
Unhand him, gingerfiends!
Ooh Hoo! My first day on the continent and already I've got an archenemy!
Majesty Snatchers! Unhand that highness!
Let's see how you fare against two bits of flat, shiny America!

The Fortissimo Brothers have the strength of 10 men! (Tick) Is that five men apiece or twenty men altogether?

Die Fledermaus:
Hey…it's Éclair…my favorite creampuff. Tell me; what flavor is your filling?
Hey! a letter! Somebody loves Die Fledermaus!

The Breadmaster:
My henchcookies went stale.

Once again we find that you can't disguise the foul taste of evil with artificial, or even natural sweeteners.

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