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Tick vs. Filth
Episode Thirty-two, Season Three

Original air date: 10/26/1996
Tick vs. Filth

Sewer Urchin is wicked cool in the sewers! The basic premise of this episode is that something (Filth) is threatening the sewers of the city and Sewer Urchin is called into action. Of course, The Tick and Arthur decide to try to help out and tag along into the sewers...and they find out that beneath the surface there is on greater warrior for justice than the mighty Sewer Urchin!

The heroes visit Urchin's apartment where he girds them for battle (with lemons, a crabclaw cracker, soap, butter, and little helmets) and where Tick and Arthur come to realize that Urchin is very rich and cultured. From there, the group navigates some of the many hazards of the sewer (Sewer Lobsters, Wallet Anglers) and Tick and Arthur realize they are way out of their element.

Eventually, the final confrontation between The Sewer Czar and the filth decide to side with Urchin, thus saving the city.

Urchin Rules!

You are so cool down here!

Check Mate!

Yeah, definitely check mate!

The character who gets ripped on a bit in this episode is Die Fledermaus; the episode opens with him losing in chess to Arthur and then whining about it, then he faints when Filth comes out of his sink, and finally he's humbled by Tick when he makes fun of Sewer Urchin back at the diner later.

I think there are several reasons I love this episode. First, it's great to see Sewer Urchin finally get his due; in this episode he is the very apotheosis of cool. Second, it's funny to see Tick try to adapt to the sewer environment; and finally, it's funny to see Die Fledermaus humbled a bit.

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin

This episode features these Supervillains:
Filth, and Lou Salazar, the Sewer Czar

Wallet Angler!

Wallet Angler!

Casa de Urchin

Sewer Urchin's Sewer Apartment


The Tick:
A ha ha; chess! The ancient contest of wits! Two opponents, mano-a-mano; braino-a-braino! And look! Magnets for ease of travel! Why, you could play chess on the moon!
We're not afraid to get our hands dirty…how bad could it be?
Talk about living high on a low hog!
Man, you are so cool down here!
You heard the man…just lather up!
Was that it? Was that the big fight? Are we done yet?
Arthur, we may be out of our element, but we aren't out of our league!
Sultan of Sludge, I'm putting an end to your pipe dreams!
Yeah, Lou, it's people like you that give filth a bad name!
You can't judge a sewer by its manhole cover! No, sir, people can be very different under the surface than they might seem…quite, mild mannered souls just might turn out to be roaring lions of two-fisted cool! And roaring lions of two-fisted cool just might have some crippling Lobster problems! Listen man, it's all crazy down there under the surface! A lost wallet could bite you in half! A bar of soap could save your life…and…egad! A disgusting mound of muck might have some very compelling ideas! Do you dig my ditch?

Sewer Foreman:
Then press on, noble crew…that blockage won't move itself! And the sewers must flow! Let nothing impede the waste filtration of this great metropolis! Her effluents must reach the verdant seas!

Sewer Urchin:
Uh oh! Of course, I wouldn't do that! Definitely check mate!
Yeah! Yeah, rich in spirit.
Sewer Lobsters, Tick!
Yeah, wallet angler…uses a living wallet for bait…very dangerous…
OK, now listen guys, if you want to get out of here in one piece, stick close to me and do what I do…Tick, don't do what you do…
Down here I'm considered the apotheosis of cool.
We're playing a game of chess right now, Arthur, and it's their move?

Die Fledermaus:
Excuse me, Stinky, but could you be any less articulate?
So…Grace…I like a woman who does dirty work…
Hey, Stinky! How's it Stinkin!

Lou Salazar, The Sewer Czar:
I will rise again and besmirch the city to its knees!
I needed…Smart Filth!
Rats! He's got soap!
It's OK to start thinking…but you've got to know when to stop!
Ah…there you are, you lavender menace!
Filth! My hour has come around at last! Now slouch upward to victory!

Uh, Tick…you know, you know maybe Sewer Urchin might be right…we're heroes, sure, we are, but maybe we're not so super in the sewer…
I don't like the smell of anything down here! What is it?

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