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Tick vs. Arthur
Episode Thirty, Season Three

Original air date: 10/5/1996
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Tick vs. Arthur

This is the second episode with Speak, and it contains many revelations. First, we learn that Speak is not in fact a dog at all, but is in fact a Capybara (the largest rodent in the world). Then, we learn that if he had muscles Arthur would be a big jerk.

The chief villain of this episode is Baron Violent, a mix of The Punisher and The Red Scare. His power comes from a muscle belt, though. The Baron put the belt on 6 and beat up the Civic Minded Five, and with the belt on 7 he managed to slow up The Tick. Arthur manages to steal the belt, though, and when Tick takes Speak to the vet Arthur goes on a bit of a rampage.

At the Bistro d' Burden

Tick faces Arthur at the Bistro

The Tick and his wonderful dog Speak!

The Tick and Speak pose heroically

Eventually, of course, Tick and Arthur come to a confrontation and eventully Arthur realizes that the belt has corrupted him and he stomps on it. But let's not forget what's really important here; this episode has lots and lots of Speak!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Carmalita, Speak, Feral Boy, Jungle Janet, Captain Musilage, Four-Legged Man, and The Carpeted Man.

This episode features these Supervillains:
Baron Violent

Speak visits the vet

Speak visits the Vet


The Tick:
Speak! We need a furry, moist avenger like you on the team! Come on, man; let's bark up the right tree together!
You stuck your thumb into the Christmas pie of my brain and pulled out the plum of my innermost dreams!
I loosed my lips and sunk the ship of my own privacy.
Bad Man! Hit Dog! With Street!
Tropical parasites, your carefree infestation ends here! Tonight, you swim in ointments of righteous hygiene!
Of course, you're not a dog! You're a wonderful loveable rodent! And there's nothing wrong with that! No, if that's your lifestyle choice then we'll stand behind you all the way.
Evil is never in fashion!
Arthur, stop it! You know I'm my own comic relief!
Ok, buddy, I'm taking off the kid gloves and putting on the VERY MAD gloves!
Absolute power is a sticky wicket!

Baron Violent:
The bigger I am, the harder they fall!

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