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Grandpa Wore Tights
Episode Twenty-six, Season Two

Original air date: 2/17/1996
Grandpa Wore Tights

This episode centers around The Terror trying to recover one of his ultimate weapons from the past, the Desire-O-Vac. He lost it when he was defeated by The Decency Squad, so he sends Terry, his son, into the Decency Squad's retirement home to figure out where they hid it.

Of course, The Tick is at the same retirement home listening to their stories, but he doesn't get involved in the plot until The Terror breaks The Human Ton and Handy out or prison. Surprisingly, The Tick doesn't really save the day; but the Terror is thwarted by the remains of the Decency Squad and Terry.

The Terror with the Desire-o-Vac

Terror Uses the Desire-O-Vac in 1936

Tick is given a shock from the Terror's spider

The funniest parts in this episode are (1) Handy the puppet talking on the phone and later trying to use the Desire-O-Vac to become a real boy and (2) The Tick losing his antennae and being unable to stand up (they are for balance...) and (3) the Living Doll being attacked by the Human Ton. Living Doll is like a Russian doll; you can split him in half and another, smaller Living Doll is inside etc. etc. Human Ton goes through about 20 iterations and ends up with a Living Doll small enough for Handy to fight, but Living Doll winds up ripping off Handy's other eye (he lost one to Arthur in The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account)

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Captain Decency, The Living Doll, Johnny Polite, The Visual Eye, and Suffrage Jet.

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Terror
, Terry, The Human Ton and Handy, The Sub-Human, and Joseph Stalin.


The Tick:
Science in those days worked in broad strokes! They got right to the point! Nowadays it's always molecule, molecule, molecule…
Put those felons back where you found them, you geriatric jerk!
You and me, mono a mono with the greatest criminal mind of the 20th century…and even part of the 19th, I think!
Not so fast, wrinkly wrongdoer! You face The Tick!

Visual Eye:
The Raygun was the worst! One blast from that sucker turned half a town into a guy named Ray!

Captain Decency:
We're chocolate covered, and we're goin' down!

The Terror:
You want to get close to me, sonny, do something bad; not something badly!

I want to be a real boy!

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