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The Tick vs. The Big Nothing
Episode Twenty-four, Season Two

Original air date: 2/3/1996
The Tick vs. The Big Nothing

This is another great episode. A large race of aliens (that all look exactly like Arthur), called The Heys, (the only word in their language is Hey) is planning to destroy the Universe by throwing a black hole into another black hole. Another race, The Whats, (the only word in their language is What) kidnap The Tick to try to stop them.

The Whats mistake Arthur for a Hey spy and interrogate him while The Tick munches on space cookies. Unfortunately, the What spaceship isn't fast enough to outrun the Heys dreaded ultimate weapon, The Infinity Ball! With the Infinity Ball closing in, things looked grim, because the What spaceship ran on fear and they were all feeling confident with The Tick aiding them. Fortunately, they had Arthur there to fill up the reserves...

Let the probing begin!

Let the probing begin!

The Tick battles the Infinity Ball.

The Tick, disguised as a Hey, battles the Infinity Ball

After using Lint Warp to escape the Infinity Ball, the Whats managed to send the Tick into the Hey mothership to stop them, where he manages to defeat the entire Hey race, the Infinity Ball, and the black hole all at once.

Back on Earth, Tick describes the entire adventure to Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin who of course don't believe him; and when asked for proof that Tick saved the Universe Tick just says "Well, we're all still here, aren't we?"

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, The Whats, and Sewer Urchin.

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Heys

Tick gets sucked into a black hole.

Got to pull myself together!

The Tick disguised as a Hey.

The Tick disguised as a Hey



The Tick:
You guys haven't done this much, have you?
Oh, Hey Arthur! Lookee! I'm being abducted by space aliens!
Let the probing begin!
Whip out those weird instruments of science and probe away!
You guys don't have a clue, do you?
You guys are ugly with a capital UGH!
OH, man, that's the pits!
Science, Boring! Interest Fading!
We're going to save the Universe!
It's going to be boss!
Let me get this straight. You want us to go into the mouth of a black hole, confront the entire population of Hey, and steal or destroy their doomsday device…Piece of cake!
Hey, we've got those on Earth! We hit them into little pockets with sticks! and we got higher numbers, too.
Well, come on, uglies; how do we spur this iron space-pony on?
Your ship runs on fear? Wiggy!
Here, try Arthur! He's an anxious little dude!
Take it easy, man; it's just a sandwich!
Must defy laws of physics!
And because I destroyed their most devastating weapon, which turned out to be pretty lame, the entire population began to worship me, like unto a god!


The What Interpreter:
I have trained myself to speak all Earth languages…except of course for Esperanto…you could tell that one was going nowhere fast.
Well, Tick, I'd like to be able to say that on our planet we're considered quite beautiful, but frankly, we're dogs.
Enjoy another space cookie.
Our race is the most squirrelly, easily frightened bunch of cowards in the Universe. Centuries ago we learned to harness our fear and use it as fuel.
Our fuel tanks are already full filled with fear, and I've never seen anyone as scared as Arthur! We're going to have to use untested technology to achieve the speed of lint!

Hey Propaganda:
Hey! (Nothing lasts forever) Hey! (Nothing is worth fighting for) Hey! (Yes we have no bananas)

The What Interrogator

The What interrogator has a short conversation with Arthur

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