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The Tick Loves Santa!
Episode Twenty-three, Season Two

Original air date: 11/25/1995
The Tick Loves Santa!

The Tick Loves Santa! is one of the best Tick episodes of all time; 5 stars! The show starts with The Tick and Arthur walking home after doing some Christmas shopping, when they run into Santa! Of course, it isn't the real Santa; it is a bank robber who stole a Santa suit to elude the cops.

The police chase Santa and The Tick follows along to save him; but Santa falls into a neon sign and is fried. Tick believes that they killed the real Santa, and destroyed Christmas forever, but for some reason, instead of killing him the electricity causes clones of the Santa to appear, and Multiple Santa is born! Multiple Santa goes on a crime spree and even beats up the heroes of the city, and The Tick is powerless to resist because"I can't hit Santa!"

They're dancing, Arthur!

Tick, I love you like a son!

Eventually, Multiple Santa makes his way to the Hydroelectric plant at the city dam to make more clones, and The Tick and Arthur have a visitor; the real Santa! Santa and his Little Secret Service recruit the boys to save Christmas, and off they go! Fortunately, in the final confrontation, Tick finds the Santas weakness, static electricity, and Christmas is saved!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, American Maid, Feral Boy, Four-Legged Man, and Sewer Urchin.

This episode features these Supervillains:
Multiple Santa


It's a Yule Tide!

It's a Yule Tide!

Santa's Little Secret Service

Santa's Little Secret Service


The Tick:
Arthur! There's only 172,800 shopping seconds 'til Christmas!!! Ooh; there goes another one!
Arthur…the cops are after Santa! There must be some mistake!
Santa…what happened? What's going down?
He's jolly!
We fried Santa!
There won't be anymore Christmas; we fried Santa.
Wait a minute…I've heard about people like you…are you saying; you don't believe in Santa Claus?!!!
So many Santas! I just can't get my mind around it!
No!!! I just can't hit Santa!
Odds are it wasn't the real Santa, but how can you ever be sure? (Die Fledermaus) Here's a clue; if he jumps and kicks you in the stomach, it's probably not Santa!
Tick, I love ya like a son! You've kept the faith longer than any sane adult could!
These Multiple Santas are cagey prey!
It's a Yule Tide!!!
Like a great blue salmon of justice, the mighty Tick courses upstream to the very spawning grounds of Evil!
Their Achilles heel is the noogie!
Lowly wretch! This is the last time you make epic naughty in Santa threads!

Multiple Santa:
Get out of my way, you blue freak!
The streets will run red with Santas!
Deck the halls with 'em, fellas!

Die Fledermaus:
Hey, baby, I'm under the mistletoe! Make my Christmas!
Tick; get with it! There is no Santa Claus! (Tick) I know…he got fried!
Santa! Take it easy; I've been good!
So; Tick; that was an interesting strategy last night; you know the one where you just oh, stood there in the middle of the fight and did absolutely nothing while the rest of us got creamed!

American Maid:
Fieldmouse, get under a missile, make everybody's Christmas!

Sewer Urchin:
Definitely too many Santas!!! Aaaugh!
Yeah, definitely a lot of ball dropping!

Candycane (Leader of Santa's Little Secret Service):
Gentlemen, may we remind you, no sudden movements, no flash photography.

Sorry about that, Artie. Most people are nice, but once in a while a naughty little boy looses it and comes after Santa.


I can't hit Santa!

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