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Evil Sits Down for a Moment
Episode Twenty, Season Two

Original air date: 11/4/1995
Evil Sits Down for a Moment

If you are a fan of Die Fledermaus, this is the episode for you! The City is beset with an evil supervillain who has the power to control furniture. Unfortunately, Die Fledermaus falls for the villain, The Ottoman Empress, and of course she falls for him because of his incredible style and fashion sense.

The budding romance is snuffed out, though, when The Ottoman Empress mentions "marriage" and the rest of the episode features Die Fledermaus fleeing in terror of commitment.

The next best thing in this episode is The Royal British Tick. Soon after escaping from the clutches of the World's Most Comfortable Chair, Tick falls about a mile and crashes through the street and is hit by a subway, after which he speaks with a British accent and insists on being called "Duchess."





This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, and American Maid

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Ottoman Empress


The Tick:
I didn't realize furniture technology had made such great strides.
Rogue loveseat! You face the Tick!
Pack it in, Ottoman! You've heisted your last highboy!
Falling in love with a supervillain is trouble with a capital Troub!
There'll be no justice of peace for you, just a piece of justice!
I'm to be addressed as Duchess!
Oh, look, Arthur! It's a completely rehabilitated villain. She's comfortable with herself. Comfort, commitment, marriage…what do these things have in common? The letter "C"…except for marriage. And if people get all British when they get knocked on the head…what do British people get? I know; comatose! Another "C"!

The furniture's moving by itself…that's not supposed to happen.
I'm worried about the Tick…I don't think falling 4000 feet and getting hit by a subway train did him any good.

Die Fledermaus:
Hey; wait a second…is this some kind of superhero emergency?
Keep making that mouth-music, beautiful…I'm reading you like a cheap paperback!
I'm Die Fledermaus and the only one I'm in love with is me!
Loyal colleague, helps a lot of people, wouldn't let me fall…want's to tie me down, force for evil…AIRPLANE!!!
If we don't put that crazy dame away…she's gonna Marry me!

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