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The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale
Episode Two, Season One

Original air date: 9/17/1994
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The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale

The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale is a classic from early in the series. It features The Tick, American Maid, and Arthur going undercover to break an evil scheme by Chairface Chippendale. Chairface is tired of the world disrespecing and shunning him (since he has a chair for a head), so he tries to use a giant heat ray designed by Professor Cromedome to carve his name into the face of the moon.

The heroes are captured by Chairface and his henchmen because Tick can't be submissive enough to pass as a caterer, but they manage to escape and stop the plot (after CHA has been inscribed on the moon).

Zipperneck, The Forehead, and Boils Zipperneck The Forehead Boils

Zipperneck, The Forehead, and Boils

Tick shows some muscle... Arthur Tick shows off some muscle American Maid

The Tick shows some muscle to impress American Maid

This episode also introduces 16 new villains (mainly guests at Chairface's birthday party) and one new hero, The Sewer Urchin!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, American Maid, and Sewer Urchin.

This episode features these Supervillains:
Zipperneck, Boils, The Forehead, Dynamole, Professor Cromedome, The Crease, Chairface Chippendale, Headless Henderson, Harriet Curse, The Guy with Ears Like Little Raisins, Shiela Eel, Jack Tuber - the Man with a Thousand Faces, Eyebrows Mulligan, The Deadly Nose, and Dean.


The Tick:
The Tick caters to no man!
Your plan didn't work; now let's use my plan, brute force!
You can thank my dental hygenest for our untimely aliveness!
Don't you blow your nose at me, Mister!

I really, really really don't want to be eaten!

Sewer Urchin:
Very Poisonous! Don't touch me! (Sewer Urchin) Ho ho ho! Who'd want to? (The Tick)

Professor Cromedome:
How can you have such a big head, and such a tiny brain?

Chairface Chippendale:
This must be the part where I reveal my plot!

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