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Armless but not Harmless
Episode Sixteen, Season Two

Original air date: 9/23/1995
Armless but not Harmless

This episode is another potential classic. I didn't really like Venus or Milo too much, but the antics of The Tick and Arthur without arms are hilarious, as is the new superhero, Plungerman!

Venus is an evil love goddess who hypnotizes men and forces them to do her bidding. Her permanent stoolie is Milo, who is her little whipping boy who also seems to be some sort of scientist. The evil couple's first robbery is foiled by Plungerman, who is actually just a plumber but Venus and The Tick both assume he must be a superhero.

The embarrassing defeat at the hands of Plungerman cost Venus her inviation to the Enemy awards, so she plans to go on an epic evil spree. Her plan fails and The Tick and Arthur are about to defeat them, but Milo's invention causes The Tick and Arthur's arms to fall off.

Whoa, this could be serious!

Whoa! This could be serious!

A Quandry!

But know...

Milo uses the arms to build evil robots that aid Venus on a crime spree while The Tick and Arthur (without their arms) try to avoid capture as fugitives. Eventually, Tick and Arthur manage to corner the evil couple at the Enemy Awards and Plungerman reattaches their arms, but not until much hilarity has already ensued...

Final note; The Evil Midnight Bomber makes a short cameo appearance trying to get into the Evil Awards but he's kicked out by the evil doormen (although it looks like he is sitting behing Venus in the audience...? You know that any sighting of The Evil Midnight Bomber is enough to gain 1/2 star for the episode...

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, and Plungerman

This episode features these Supervillains:
, Milo, The TickBot, The ArthurBot, The Crease, The Forehead, Jack Tuber, Eyebrows Mulligan, Octo Raymond and his all mollusc band, and The Evil Midnight Bomber!

Maneuver 14B!

Maneuver 14B!


The Tick:
Villains, I say to you now, Knock off all that Evil!
Villain love goddess, you toy with the hearts of men!
When evil sees a twin headed Arthur powered flying engine of justice barreling down upon it, great will be its trembling!
Hey! You splattered my sidekick all over your windshield!
All right! This is quite a pickle, but no reason to panic, Arthur
We don't have hands; we can't possibly comply with their demands!
Remember, we're unarmed!
Don't make us bite you in hard to reach places!
Unhand my hands, you mechanized menace!
You know, Arthur, when Evil is afoot and you don't have any arms, you gotta use your head. And when Evil is ahead, and you're behind, you've gotta do the legwork! But, when you can't get a leg up, you gotta be hip! you gotta keep your chin up and kick some...

The Forehead:
OK, if you guys are evil, eat this kitten!

Milo, the only lost male around here is you!











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