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The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account
Episode Thirteen, Season One

Original air date: 2/11/1995
The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account

The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account is a good wrap-up to the first season. It intruduces five new villains including The Terror and The Man Eating Cow, and it also features the first use of The Tick's battle cry (Spooooooon!!!!!) and the first use or Arthur's battle cry (Not in the face, Not in the face!).

The main issue in this episode is a burgeoning conflict between The Tick and Arthur. The Tick decides to upgrade the apparatus and spends a lot of Arthur's money doing so, while Arthur becomes increasingly agitated over the cost of the project. Eventually, after The Tick buys a chemistry set (We have a crime lab!) and uses it to blow up part of the apartment, Arthur kicks him out of the apartment. Tick becomes so upset he stops fighting evil and sits in his new crime tower singing a song about how Big and Blue he is...



Tick's crime tower

Tick's "Upgrading the apparatus"; this is his new crime tower

When The Terror hears that The Tick is out of action, he attacks the city and captures Mayor Blank. The Terror was a true supervillain in the past. He is famous for punching out President Teddy Roosevet. Fortunately, though, he is now about 115 years old and starting to lose it.

American Maid and Arthur try to rescue the Mayor, but they have to use the Tick Signal to get help; The Tick is sitting in his tower imploring destiny to give him a sign and then sees the giant glowing Tick signal and realizes this is his destiny...

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, American Maid, Sewer Urchin,
Die Fledermaus, and Crusading Chameleon

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Terror
, Tuun-La, The Man Eating Cow, The Human Ton and Handy, and Stalingrad


The Tick:
Destiny has her hand on my back, and she's pushing!
Arthur? Arthur…oh, yes! I used to have a sidekick named Arthur! But he sidekicked me out of the apartment!
Destiny, Destiny, what would you have of me!
Villains, I say to you stop your evil ways!
I don't think that puppet will give us any more trouble, chum.
Evil is just plain bad!

The Terror with Joseph Stalin

The Terror and Joseph Stalin at an "Up with Evil" conference

See, he's eating your head, and I can still talk!

Mayor Blank:
Everytime we flash the Die Fledermaus signal, he disconnects his phone and leaves town for a week.

Not in the face! Not in the face!
Well, if the Tick was here…I'd have to think of something!
My name is Arthur, and this is my diversion.

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