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The Tick vs. The Mole Men
Episode Eleven, Season One

Original air date: 11/19/1994
The Tick vs. The Mole Men

The Tick vs. The Mole Men was another disappointing episode. The Mole Men are whiny subterranean people who come to the surface world on vacation. Once there, they encounter The Tick who becomes their tour guide and protector.

The Mole King promptly falls in love with supermodel Mindy Moleford and pursues her despite the intervention of Paul the Publicist. Of course, just for kicks, a Lava Man comes up from below to assassinate the Mole King and he winds up battling The Tick.

I didn't laugh much at this episode. Most of the episodes of The Tick that deal with love are pretty lame; see Carmalita from season three.


You know, I think someone could get out through these bars...

Thumbs Up for Justice!

Thumbs Up!

The funniest thing in this entire episode (including the famous 'I'm doing Laundry!' clip) is when The Tick throws the Lava Man into the sewer and says "I'm sure The Sewer Urchin is on patrol!"; moments later you see Sewer Urchin sitting on a barrel reading "Trout" magazine; when he hears the Lava Man coming he promptly hides (see below). He's smarter than he looks!

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, and Sewer Urchin

This episode features these Supervillains:
Lava Man

Sewer Urchin with Lava Man

Sewer Urchin "defending" the sewer from the Lava Man

Blinded by the light...

he Light! Our Eyes! The Light is too much for our huge overdeveloped subterranean eyes!


The Tick:
Ah, savory cheese puffs; made inedible by time and fate
I won't hesitate to forsake species for combat!
You know, I think somebody could get out through these bars!
Hey! You're the guy who made my head hot!
Well, publicist man! Looks like you'll have to find yourself another supermodel to exploit!

The Mole Men:
The Light! Our Eyes! The Light is too much for our huge overdeveloped subterranean eyes!

The Mole King:
Love is my food, and I'm starving!

Sewer Urchin:
Oh yeah, very glad he's gone!

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