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The Tick vs. The Idea Men
Episode One, Season One

Original air date: 9/10/1994
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The Tick vs. The Idea Men
This was the episode that started it all. It does a great job of introducing all the main characters of the series while still being absolutely hilarious. The episode starts off with a short interview of The Tick and Arthur, where they describe working together as superheoes, and then The Tick explains how he got his beginning. The Tick had gone to Reno to attend the Superhero tyrouts, where Superhero's demonstrate their abilities and are assigned to a city by a board of celebrity judges. Tick shows up with the 'Danger box' and blows up the entire competition, and so he is assigned to The City.

Die Fliedermaus

Die Fledermaus makes an entrance

Idea Man

An Idea Man

Soon after arriving at The City, he encounters Arthur, who was just fired from his accounting job. The two join up to fight crime and soon find themselves facing The Idea Men, a group of terrorists who wear masks (so no one can tell what they are saying). The Idea Men attack the city dam and all the heroes of The City turn out to try to try to stop them...

This episode features these Superheroes:
The Tick
, Arthur, The Blowfish Avenger, Die Fledermaus, American Maid, The Caped Chameleon, Bi-polar Bear, Captian Lemming, The Human Bullet, Fire Me Boy, and Big Shot.

This episode features these Supervillains:
The Idea Men

It also features the first appearance of Sally Vacuum, Mayor Blank, The Diner, Drama Flakes, and Arthur's Apartment.

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The Tick:
You don't eat crackers in the bed of your future!
Ah Ha! I'll bounce off of that flag pole and flip to safety!
Ah Ha! I'll bounce off that broad, flat surface! Or, maybe not…
Gravity is a harsh mistress.
Yeah, I suck blood all the time…Look! I got a straw right here, pal, you want a demonstration?
You're not going crazy, Arthur, you're going sane in a crazy world!
Hug your destiny Arthur!
Arthur! Get up! The City calls upon her steadfast protectors!
OK Idea Man! What's the big idea?
With luck, our future holds still more dire threats!


Are we dead yet?
I'm very frightened! (The Tick) No Arthur, you're very flying!

Captain Lemming:
Come on, spine! Work with me!

Big Shot:

Why didn't you love me, mom?

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